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While there is the possibility that you could make money with this offer there is no guarantee that you will make any money. The owner of this site is not responsible for any payments to you. 

To make money with a site you must arrange for some suitable advertisement for your space. I do not restrict the number or the type of ads that you arrange. You will contract with an advertising provider and I will insert the code on the pages. The advertising provider of your choice is the one responsible for any payments due to you.

I do not guarantee that your site will be always available. My hosting provider is a major Internet hosting provider and has backup power and extensive equipment. They do not guarantee that there will be no interruptions of service. In addition there are other servers and equipment along the way that neither I or my hosting company control but which must all work in order for your pages to be served to a visitor.

I do not guarantee that this offer will be valid in the future. I may discontinue the service at any time. I may close the space completely. Should I discontinue operations I will attempt to provide you with a copy of your site, if possible, that you could put up on your own hosting space.

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