What Do I Need to Do?

For now most of the business will need to be conducted by e-mail. There is also the possibility to use a ftp client if you have one. If you are familiar with ftp and wish to use it contact me for details. There are good freeware ftp programs available, but e-mail will work.

Note: All e-mails should have your site name in the subject line. Please send emails concerning your site to: wink@heresoursite.com .

You will need to supply the information for your site.
  • In the subject line of your emails concerning your site you should put your organization (site) name. You should pick out a skin for your site. Include the number of the skin from the skin page in your email. There are now other options for skinning your site discussed on the Skins Page.
  • You will need a write-up for your home page. If you have a youTube video it could probably be embedded on your page. I would need the code from youTube or the youTube url.
  • If you have art work for your header section (band logo, etc.) you will need to send it to me. You can send it as an attachment to an e-mail.
  • If you want a bio page you will need to supply a biographical sketch for anyone you wish to list. Photos are optional, but may be used with the bio.
  • You should supply information for a contact page. This could include e-mail, phone numbers, or mailing address. If you have other web addresses, such as a website or MySpace page, they can be listed here and/or elsewhere on your site.
  • If you want a calendar page you will need to sign up for a Google calendar. You will then be able to add dates and information to your calendar at Google and it will be displayed on your calendar on the site. Google will provide you with a script to call your calendar. You will need to copy the script and send it to me to be included on your page. You will also need to set your Google calendar to share globally.
  • Music: If you make use of the music player you will need to provide your music in mp3 format. This is one area where the ftp program would be most useful, but you can e-mail the mp3's as attachments. You will need to supply the song title for each song. When useing e-mail send one song per email with the title in the body of the e-mail. The music player can be set to allow downloads or to only stream the content. My default is stream only, but if you wish to allow downloads you can specify to allow.
  • Pictures: The pictures for the regular content area can be a maximum of 525px wide. If you wish to use an expanded gallery the size limit is 700px. Remember that smaller pictures download faster. Pictures used in other places on the site should be significantly smaller. Header banners should be on the order of 750X150 or smaller.

I will probably add to this list as we go. I will also establish a FAQ page when I discover which questions are asked frequently. Contact information is on the Contact Page.

Are you ready to get started?

If not, why not?

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