How You Make Money    

The Money Making Plan

As an incentive to setting up a site here I want to offer the opportunity to make a small (or large) amount of  income from the pages that you have on this space. This will be both a reason for you to sign up for a site and for you to bring traffic to your site.

I will make the add column to the right available for your use. This is prime add space and is right next to your content. Many sites have advertising these days, so your users will not feel that this is out of the ordinary.

How to Use the Space

There are many programs in which you can become a participant that will allow you to monetize this space. On these pages I have put an Google Adsense block. It is also possible to join an affiliate program and put an affiliate banner in that space. There may also be some opportunity to  sell the space for text adds. For some more information about ways of making money with websites you could visit my site: Selling on Your Website.

Google Adsense Program

The Google Adsense program is a very good program in many ways. The ads that are displayed are relevant to the material on the page. Google serves up the ads to try to be of interest to your visitors. They do a very good job in this as long as the text on the page is coherent.

There are a couple of things that you should know about the program. In their terms of service Google specifies that it is a no-no to click on your own ads or to ask your guests to click on the ads. 

The other problem is that the threshold for the first payment from Google is relatively high. If you are quite specific with the material that you present on your site and your visitors are interested in the material the click through rate will be higher, but it can still take quite some time to reach the threshold for your first payout.

Various Affiliate Programs

Selecting a retailer or manufacturer of something closely related to your site that offers an affiliate program is probably the best choice. The payment threshold is often lower with the affiliate programs and you will know that the material may be of interest to your visitors because you selected it for them. You are also free to promote the offer to your visitor, because the banners would be paid per action. 

To find an affiliate program that may work for your visitors just check, usually toward the bottom, of the sites that you visit that interest you. In the fine print you will often see something about an affiliate program or becoming an affiliate of the site.

Your Opportunity

I am offering this opportunity to you along with the free website. This will give you another reason to request your space on this site. It will also provide an incentive for you to promote your site to your friends and to the Internet.

With the nav column promotion of the site categories and site suggestions to visit interesting sites you may be able to reach some people that you may not otherwise reach with your message.

Do you think you could make a little money?

Would that chance be worth the effort for you?

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