Free Websites that can now Make Money

For over a year I have been offering websites for free. These sites are available to just about anyone. I started this primarily for bands but quickly expanded the offer. I expected to be kept quite busy putting up these sites. This has not happened.

I have recently become aware of a profit sharing model that many sites use. The members of the community share in the profits that are generated by the traffic that they generate. I have selected a model that gives the opportunity to make some income for you from your sites.

The program is laid out on these pages. I am updating the site and improving the layout so that the information will be easier to navigate. So explore the site and see what I offer to you.

I hope that you will avail yourself of this opportunity. There is a comment box here and on all the pages of this site. Please leave me your comments. Thanks!

What do you think about this program?

Please tell me!

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