Pages Available For Free WebSites

These are pages that are available for your sites. You do not need to use all of the pages, but the choices are available. If you have ideas about other pages that you would like feel free to inquire. I may be able to make it happen for you.

Home Page

The home page will have a layout similar to this page. It (and other pages on the site) can have a logo or art work in the header area. There will be a short write-up about the content of the site as supplied by the organization for whom the site is put up. There will also be links to the other pages on the site. 

You could also display posters for shows and/or a news letter on this page. If you have youTube videos they could be linked or embedded here. (Note: The title link links back to the Here's Our Site home page. I linked it so that it would look the same as the other section titles.)

Site Navigation

Your basic site navigation will be the top and bottom nav bars. Depending on your site there will also be navigation to major sections at the top of the nav column. There will also be listings by category of other sites participating in the program and probably a featured site listed at the bottom of this left column. This will give the various participating sites more exposure.

Bio Page

There can be a bio page with write-ups of the principals of the organization. There can be photos of these people if you wish. I have set up a sample page HERE.

Photo Gallery

There are a few options as far as a gallery is concerned. If you just have a few pictures to display they can be embedded in a page. This could be a dedicated gallery page or pictures can be placed on any of the other pages.

I am offering two gallery layouts as well.  These would have 525px or ~700px widths. With the bigger pictures your ad box would go under the image and would be set up similar to the Google Calendar (see below).

Music player (for Bands or Churches)

I have a flash music player available. The organization for whom the music player is installed must have the rights to any music that is put up on the site. There is a place in the music player for a picture or logo. This area can be made a clickable link to a site where the music is available for sale. This is the music player that I am using on my personal site and can be checked out HERE.

Note: This link will open in a new window or tab. When you close the window or tab you will return here. This can be set up as a separate page or as a button on the main page. There are several skins available for the music player to blend with your site color scheme.


For the calendar for your site we recommend the Google calendar. You can get the Google calendar from Google. You will be able to maintain the calendar from any Internet connected computer. Google will supply you with a script that we will embed in your calendar page. When you make changes on your Google calendar they will show up on the calendar on your web page. To see a sample calendar page click HERE.

Comment Sections

I can set up a comment section on your site like is at the foot of the pages. This allows your visitors to interact with you. There is the option to have the software send a notification email to let you know when you have received a comment.


For the present I can put up a contact page with supplied contact information. I am investigating incorporating a mail form that people fill out and the software emails the information to you. This may be complicated by having many sites using the data base. The site contact page is HERE.

A Blog

I can set up a WordPress Blog for your site. This would have the same look as your site. A blog is easily edited through your browser, so you can add posts to the blog without a problem. A blog would be a good place to make a quick announcement or to further keep in touch with your audience. A blog comes with an RSS feed. Subscribers to your feed will know instantly when you make a new post.

A Sample Site

This sample site is made up with information that I used to set up a small demo site for a band that I work with occasionally. They did not supply the information so only a few of the features that will be available on these sites are active here, but you can get an idea of what I propose from this sample site. 

There is a library of skins viewable by clicking the skins link in the nav bar. The site does have a music player and a gallery, so it showcases those features. You can view this sample site by clicking HERE.

Are there other pages that should be on this list?

Please tell me your ideas!

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