Here is the Offer

What I Can Do for You

I will put up a website for you at no charge to you. This will be a bit of a generic website, but you do have many options for color schemes. The layout will be the layout as seen on this site. Your site can have several pages and can represent you on the web.

These days it is becoming important to have a website. A MySpace page is good or you can participate in the fun at the other social media sites, but having a real website is a good idea.

With this program you can have both a website and the possibility of making a bit of change. While I will have a tasteful ad at the top of the page, I am offering you the opportunity to put your own ads on the page as well. You will own that ad space and any income that it produces.

Why Would I Do This?

I have a hosting account that offers me a great deal of space and bandwidth. It does take a good bit of traffic to make money with advertising on a website. If I put up a lot of mini-sites, and each site draws a few visitors a day, I will make a trickle of income from those visitors. Your ad space is in the prime location on the page, so you will probably make more income on a per page basis than will I.

How Can You Make This Work for You?

Once you have your website you will need to promote the site. You can do this by telling people about your site in various ways. If you have an email list you can send a link to your list. You can put your site address on business cards or stationary. You could have your web address put on bumper stickers or painted on your car window. You could have a sign made and display it where ever you are.

Since you have some reason to have the site you want to get the word out. The more effort you put into promoting your site the more people you will reach. The more traffic that you bring to your site the more chances you have to make a bit of money.

I do not guarantee that you will make money with your site. I offer you the possibility to make some money. Any money to be made will depend on getting visitors to your site. Without visitors there will be no money to be made.

What do you think about this?

Please tell me!

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