All of the services on these sites are offered on a first come first served basis.  I am adding content to these sites as time will allow.  There is some minor hope of income being generated by traffic to these pages, but there is no gaurantee that there will be income, so I must maintain an income stream through my regular business.  The primary offers on these pages have no charge, however, some added services may be offered for a fee.

As we are soliciting material to post on the site it is the responsibility of the user to have legal rights to submit the material.  All material submitted to be posted on these sites should be original material.  In the event that you submit someone elses work for inclusion on these sites you must have obtained the legal rights to allow you to submit the material.

We reserve the right to deny any service offered by these sites to anyone who uses:
* exploit sex to sell
* promote violence
* are hateful in any way
* are harassing or use spam in any way, shape, or form
* are libellous or defamatory
* are threatening or abusive
* are illegal or on the borderline
* violate the copyrights or trademarks of others
* are in such poor taste that we do not want the association.

This is the basic framework of these terms of service.  It is your responsibility to check this page regularly for changes and additions.

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